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April 13, 2013
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Demon!Englandxreader Cruel fairy tale

"Come on honey we have to hurry so we won't be late!" your mom called downstairs.

Tonight was an important dinner for your parents and they forced you to come with them. You didn't look forward to it. I mean it will just be a huge dinner with a lot of diplomats and business men and also there will be a ball later on.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror. There you stand in a light blue dress that reached to your knees, with a thin metal belt around your waist and had your hair in (favourite hairstyle) you sighed and walked downstairs to meet your parents.

"You look so cute honey" your mom said

"No I look stupid" you mumbled

"Come my ladies we have to go" your dad said and you three walked out and get into the car.

When tonight comes to pass
you appear and wake me up
that which have fallen drop by drop
you lightly tread upon my tears
when that door opens, once again
that light will reach me
Afterwards, for all enternity
we'll live happily ever after

You came to a big hall with lots of tables with knifes and forks in silver. You and your parents took a table and they immediately start conversations with the people at the table. You took a look around the hall, it was huge. There is a big chandelier hanging in the middle of the room and there was waitress standing in every corner of the room. But something caught your eye, there was a man sitting at a table a few meters away from yours and staring at you. He had green eyes, bushy eyebrows, messy blonde hair and was wearing a tuxedo. You blushed and looked away but you still felt his eyes on you. You felt this negative energy of being watched that sent shivers down your spine.
The waitresses start serving your food it was lobster that you (liked/hate). The adults got champagne with it but you got soda but they did asked you if you rather wanted champagne but you declined it.
You start eat and look at the man with blonde hair again. He did gave you a few glances but also talked with some people.

"Who are you looking at?" your mom asked

"what? Me? Noting" you said and start eat again

"Is it a certain boy?" your mom asked

"Of course not! There is even no one here in my age!" you said

When the clock strikes twelwe
In my dream, I open my eyes
Amongst the crowd of the cheers
We are dancing together

It was getting late and all the people stood up ready to dance. It was probably waltz there was a few people who asked you but you politely declined. You sat at your table and played with your mobile and just wanted to go home.

"Ello poppet" you hear a voice, you looked up and you now see that man who have looked at you the whole evening.

"Hello" you said

"May I have this dance?" he said and reach his hand to you

"Thanks but no thanks" you said and blushed a little

"I insist I will teach you" he said with a gentle voice

"...fine!" you said and took his hand

He led you in the middle of the hall and took your hand in his and with the other around your waist. He pulled you close and you still had this negative energy inside you, you looked at him in the eyes and saw that they were red instead on green. You then blinked a few times and they were green again, maybe it was your imaginenation?
"My name is Arthur Kirkland love, what might your name be?" he whispered tenderly in your ear, you felt shivers down your spine

"(N-name) (S-surname)" you said nervously

"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said making you blush

"Don't be shy love just follow my lead" he said and you both danced.

I am breathing (you will never know)
I am alive (everyone tells me so)
Can I believe in this much at least?

You didn't know why but suddenly felt really tired and lean on his shoulder. You didn't noticed that he danced you away from the crowd.

"I love you (Name)" Arthur said and kissed the top of your head

"What are you doing?" you asked you suddenly come to the reality and looked up to him and now see his eyes red again, you then felt something rubb between your tigh you look down and saw a tail! you gasped and tried to get away but Arthur had trapped you in his strong arms

"Y-you aren't human are you?" you asked nervously

"You are clever (Name) I'm not, I am a demon and you will be my wife" whispered in your ear

"W-WIFE!! No I will not" you said startled

"Yes I have finally found my bride, I will take you home" he said and kissed your cheek.

"No! Let me go!" you said and tried to get away and he chuckled darkly

"Calm down poppet I have been waiting for you in many years, waited till the day I will take you with me" he said and his tail rubbed a special spot that was making you moan. You were about to scream for help but Arthut smashed his lips against yours. You gasped in the kiss he took this opportunity and forced his tongue in your mouth. You tried to push him away but he pinned you against the wall. he broke apart to let you get some air, you felt dizzy and was about to fall but he caought you in time. He picked you up bridal style and you rested your head in his shoulder.

"My dear (Name) say good bye to your world forever" he said huskily, you felt tears run down your cheek. You felt too weak to protest, you quietly sobbed thinking about your parents.

"Hush now love I will take care of you" he said and kissed your lips, you hear him murmur something in another language. You see a purple smoke around you two and everything in the room disappeared and you could only see the dark.

Nothing lasts forever
Nothing really matters
The story is based on one of my favourite songs by IU ( a korean singer) the song is Cruel fairy tale. When I listned to it I couldn't help but think about doing a fan fic ^^ Even though the song is based on Alice in Wonderland I thought about Demon England. I hope you like it ^^

Part 2 [link]

Song: Cruel fairy tale by IU [link]

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconsemeenglandplz:
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