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February 26, 2013
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Gakuen Hetaliaxreader Part 2

The plane finally landed in (random country) you all stood up and get out. You follow the stream to get your suitcase.

After you got your bag you walked out of the airport to get a taxi. Most of them did already get costumers but finally you saw one that was free.

"Hello" the driver said
"Um hello can you drive me to the World W Academy?" you asked
"Of course put your suitcase in the back and get in the back seat" the driver said. You nodded and he helped you to place your suitcase in the back, And then you got into the car. When the car starts you start fangirl again you were so excited.

"Which country are you representing?" the driver asked
" (country) I still can't beleive that I'm finally here!" you said
"I am a little nervous though and a little scared to be honest" you admitted
"Are you getting cold feet?" the driver asked
"No way! This is what I have been dreaming of, I'm just so excited" you said

You send a text to your mother and said that the flight went well and that you're in the taxi on your way to your new school.
The drive took almost an hour but then finally you could spot your new school.

"Alright we're here" the driver said
"Wow!" was all you could say, the school was HUGE, and you got another spazz attack.

The taxi stopped and pulled out your suitcase and gave it to you.

"Thank you!" you said and was about to give the money
"No as a student here the drive is free" the driver said with a smile and get in to the car and drive away. Leaving you with your suitcas and your other bag. You pulled out a map of the school from your pocket and walk in to the school and pulled your suitcase behind you. When you walk in you saw students from all over the world. You saw some asians and africans but then you started to follow your map. You have to find the principals office.
The school was like a maze! You were lost but without notice you bump into something and fell on the floor.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" you said, you look up and saw a boy with blonde hair and bushy eyebrows.
"It's ok" he said with an english accent and look up to you, you stare into the most beautiful green eyes. But you quickly went back to the reality.
"I'm sorry I guess I didn't see where I was going" You said and blushed
"Wait a minute you're the new student (Name) (surname) from (Country) right?" he said
"Yes that's right nice to meet you" you said and extended your hand to him.
"Arthur Kirkland" he said with a smile and shook your hand. You helped him collect some papers that he droped and you both stood up.
"Thank you" he said with a light blush
"You're welcome" You said with a smile
"Oh by the way I am the president of the student council" he sid proudly.
"Nerd" you thoght
"There are three rules here 1: don't run in the hallways, 2: Get along with everyone and 3: Survival the fittest" He said
"One question doesn't rule two and three sounds like the same" You asked
"Well it all ends up in the survival the fittest, now you are going to meet the principal right?" he asked.
"Yes" you said
"Let me show you the way shall we?" he asked and wrapped his arm around yours. You blushed madly and slid it off and took your suitcase instead. And you both starts walk to the principals office.

"So I guess you are from England?" you asked tried to make a conversation
"Yes but I represent the United Kingdom" he said

You finally reach the office and you said "Thank you very much for showing me the way" with a smile.

"No problem the pleasure is all mine love" he said and walked away. Did he just call you love? Isn't that an english term for someone that means a lot to someone else? You shook your head and knocked on the door.

"Come in" you hear a voice and you entred the room an saw a japanese man.
"Hello (Name) I am Hidekaz Himaruya your principal, please have a seat" he said with a smile and you sat down on a chair across his desk.
"It's so nice to meet you" You said with a smie. He smiled and start explain the rules and safety in the school. You didn't know how long this all took but then he was finally finished.

"So here is your scedule, key to your locker and a key to your dorm, you will be sharing with Elizabeta Héderváry from Hungary and Lili Zwingli from Liechtenstein" He said and handed you your things.
"You'll get your books at your lessons and you will start your first day tomorrow" he said with a smile.
"Alright thank you mr. Himaruya" You said with a smile
"You can call me Hidekaz or as the other pupils call me Hima-papa" he chukled
"Alright Hima-papa" You said
"Haha so I think that's all I will show you the way to your dorm" he said and stand up from his chair and you both walked out.
You two came out and you saw the big school yard and there was two big houses on each side. You guessed that the one to the left was the boys dorm because you were heading to the one to the right.
You two walked in and reach the door to your room. You two entred and you saw a girl reading a book. She has long brown hair with a flower on her head and green eyes.

"Miss Héderváry this is your new room mate (Name) (Last name)" Himaruya introdueced the two of you. She smiled at you and shook your hand and said "It's nice to meet you I am Elizabeta Héderváry"
"It's nice to meet you too I am (Name) (surname)" You said with a smile  
"Well I should leave you to unpack and let you two to get to know each other" Hima-pap said and walked out.
"So you are from (Country) right?" she asked
"Yes" You said and place your suitcase on your new bad and start to unpack.
"Congratulations" She said
"Thank you very much I still can't beleive it" you said
"So what do you think about the academy so far?" she asked
"It looks great I can't wait for tomorrow although I hate that I have to wear skirt" You said and giggled
"OMG I hate skirts too are you also a tomboy?" she asked and laughed
"No I don't think so but It just makes me feel uncomfrotable are you a tomboy?" You asked
"Yeah a little you seem to be cool we will be best friends" she said and hugged you
"Haha Alright" You said and hugged her back. She then start to help you to unpack your things and then you were finally done. Elizabeta or Elza that was her nickname looked at her watch "It's supper soon let's go downstairs and I will introduced you to some of my friends" She said with a smile and walked downstairs with you.
You two came in to the dinner room and sat down you saw a little girl with short blonde hair and green eyes.

"Hey Lili this is our new friend (Name) (Surname)" Elza said and you two shook each others hands.
"It's nice to meet you" You said with a smile doesn't she looks way to young to be in a academy? you thougt.
"It's nice to meet you too I am from Liechtenstein" she said with a smile
"i am from (Country)" You said and you three sat down at the dinner table and were soon joined by two other girls. They sat across you three.
"Natalia, Katyusha this is (Name) from (Country)" Elza said, you three shook hands and greeted each other.
"Alright (Name) one rule stay away from my brother" Natalia said and looked a little creepy. You felt shills ran down your spine.
"Natalia don't scare her!" Katyusha said, you noticed her big breasts but quickly ignored it.
"I am from Ukraine and my sister Natalia is from Belarus" Katyusha explained to you. You nodded and then you got your food. You got to know your new friends you learned that Natalia and Katyusha is little and big sisters to a russian man called Ivan Braginski. Lili is little sister to Vash Zwingli who is from Switzerland. Elza said that she had a boyfriend called Roderich Edelstein who is from Austria.

When you all were done you five returned to your rooms. You, Elza and Lili walked in to your room and Elza closed the door. Elza took a look at your scedule and said "Yay! You have your first class with us"
"That's good I still don't know where everything is" You said
"Don't worry we will help you" Lili said, you smiled and thanked your two new friends. Elza and Lili had homework to do so meanwhile you change to your pyjamas and lie on the bed and read a book. You were exausted it was probably the jet lag and after a while Elza and Lili were finished and change into their pyjamas and got in to thier bed. You all talked a little until Lili said "we better sleep now" and turned off her lamp. You and Elza did the same and now it was pitch black in your room. You can't wait for tomorrow and you slowly drifted off to sleep.

I hope you like it! ^^
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Rome and Germania are the vice principals 
How about California?
They have never showed up in the anime so I won't include them
Damn.okay. (°^°)
TEXAS FOR THE WIN!!! (it's in America)
KaijinKyn Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eheheheh~ You dun scare me, Belarus! Russia will be mineee~! =P Also, Hima-Papa! Hehe. =3
PokemonTrainerFer Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist

I am Costa Rica.


Betcha don't even know where that is located. I'll give you a hint: America. Oh, and if I was you, I'd use a magnifying glass. (YES ITS THAT TINY)

lilianboy Nov 18, 2013  Student Artist
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