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February 28
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HetaliaxAdhd!Asperger!Reader Part 3

You slowly opened you eyes from your dreamless sleep. Wait, why could you only see the dark with your right eye? It was like it was still closed. You start panic and blinked with both of your eyes to try to see with both of your eyes. But all you could see was the dark with your right eye.

"Calm down (Name) it must be the medicine" You thought, well last time you will take their medicine..

You looked out through the window, the sun was about to go down. You walked closer to look out. It wasn't much to see, just some part of the building. You see a bird sitting on one of the roof. It was so pretty in a beautiful, it also calmed you down from the panic.

Hetalia pov

Alfred walked into his room in the building where the world meeting was held. He didn't have to time loosen up his tie until his telephone started to ring.


"Herro Alfred-san how did it go?" Kiku asked

"Oh Japan dude! Well better than I expected. I didn't know you cared" Alfred said

"Of course I do, we all do, We just don't want to anything stupid" Kiku said

"I understand dude, me and Feliciano have planned to visit her everyday to make the nurses get used to us and then ask to get her out of there" Alfred said

"It's very nobre of you to do something rike this Alfred-san, mind if I go with you and Feri-kun next time?" Kiku asked, Alfred got a bit surprised about he wanted to come. He rather wanted to have you for himself, well Feliciano was with him. And also It might be weird if they meet the same nurse tomorrow and suddenly there is another man with them.

"Sorry pal but I think it is better if it is only me and Feliciano in the beginning. The nurses are quite suspicious to us and it won't be better if we bring you with us" Alfred said hoping Kiku didn't take it personally

"I understand, I hope I wirr see her soon" Kiku said

"I'm sure you will"

"Werr then, goodnight" Kiku said and hung up, Alfred sighed and decided to take a shower

Alfred and Feliciano went to the hospital right after lunch. Everyone at the meeting asked questions about their visit yesterday. They couldn't say much since they didn't talk to you. So the decided to go a bit earlier when you were at least awake.

They met up the same nurse and she seems to be a bit more relaxed today. She even let you be alone with you.

Your pov

You hear the door unlock and you see two men walk in. You were surprised, it was Alfred and Feliciano! Those two kind men who drove you to this place. They couldn't stop smiling at you either.

"Just push this button if you need anything" the nurse said and closed the door

"Ciao bella!" Feliciano said happily and hugged you. It felt pretty awkward to hug him so you didn't hug you back.

"Hi dude how are you doing?" Alfred asked already worried of what they have done to you. Feliciano released you and you looked down on the floor walking towards the window. This was when your asperger activated. It was hard to talk and communicate with people and it was even harder with them because you didn't know them.

"Not good" You whispered, Alfred and Felicianos smile was replaced with a frown

"In what way bella?" Feliciano asked walking closer to you to get contact with you

"Um...the weird medicine" You mumbled, never turned around to face Feliciano and Alfred

"You mean, they mixed it up?" Alfred asked

" right eye...blind....."

"Those idiots! Did you tell them about it?" Alfred said getting angry


"What sort of disability do you have?" Feliciano asked, he and Alfred didn't know why you were here to begin with.

"Asperger and adhd" Well that explained why you seem to have a hard time to talk to them but they aren't sure about the adhd one.

You then felt two arms wrapp around your waist. You yelped a bit by the sudden contact but didn't try to do anything. You kept staring at the clear blue sky.

Alfred, who was the one that hugged you from behind rest his head on your shoulder.

"Remember when your mom said that you were insane?" He asked, how could you forget? You nodded in respons. Alfred softly turned you around, bent down to your eye level since he was a bit taller than you. You looked down back at the floor, you just couldn't look up at him. It was like something prevented you to do so.

"She's wrong, you're not insane" Alfred stated, you didn't know what to say. How could she be wrong? You have always been trouble to her and dad and now this Alfred says that she is wrong?

"Ve he's right, nothting is wrong with you or anyone else here" Feliciano said

"Why...are" You asked ignoring what they said, they didn't know what they talked about according to you.

"We want to help you dude, to get you out of here?" Alfred said

"Why?" You asked, why do they want to help you? Why not anyone else?

"Because we don't think you belong here" Feliciano said

"Yeah you deserve to live a better life, being treated like anyone else despite of your disablities" Alfred said

Who was these two? You do not deserve to live a better life. You are different from the others and that's why you are here.

You felt your vision started to blur "no! not again" You thought. You started to lose your balance and lean in Alfred's chest.

"Dude are you okay?! Dude!" Alfred said getting scared

"Ve I call the nurse" Feliciano said running to the button and pushed it before he went out of the room to call more nurses.

I hope you like it :)

What I love is all of you who have comment about having asperger. I don't know much about it myself but it makes me inspired and it's brave of you to share what you are going through. And also that you recognise yourself in this because that is actually my main goal in my fanfics ^^ 

I do not own anything except the plot
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I have aspergers and ADHD and as soon as I saw the title I clicked on this because u just don't see many fan fictions about asperger readers
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Yea, I have both of these disorders. This c***t is too bitchy to be my real mum though. FanFic parents suck.
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I'm sorry I cannot relate to the reader medically, but mentally yes
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