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March 14
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HetaliaxAdhd!Asperger!Reader Part 6

At your parents home

Your parents was watching the news on tv like they usually do after dinner. Viola was at her new boyfriend's place which let your parents have more time together in peace and quiet. But of course, something has to bother the ungodly hour. The telephone rang and your annoyed father answered it.

"Hello this is (Surname), what?! B-but how? By whom?...No I don't know who they are! I'll call you back" he said and hung up

"What is it, dear?"

"It was from that Hospital, (Name) has escaped with help from two men" Your father growled

"What?!" Your mother rised up from the sofa

"Do you know who they are?!" Your father asked

"N-no, or...maybe I do" Your mother said

"We have to find her" Your father said determinded and your mother nodded

Your pov

While you, Alfred and Feliciano played on Alfred's xobox in his room you find it more easier to talk to them. Since you had to focus on the game and not making any contact with the males, you opened up to them more. You talked more about yourself, who you are, what you like to do etc.

The time was around six in the afternoon so you decided to go downstairs to eat dinner with the others. You all gathered around the biggest table and all the men chatted with each other, most it was about politic so you didn't payed much attention.

"So, (Name)" Francis started interruppted your thoughts "You are trés belle" He flirted. Not that you felt uncomfortable or anything, more surprised since you are used to think that you are ugly.

"Are you a virgin?" He suddenly asked, your eyes widened

"Oh my gosh Francis, you can't ask someone if they are a virgin aru" Yao scolded (mean girl's quote shot >8D)

All the attention was now on you, not because of Francis's question but it reminded them that you are here.

"I apologise if ve have ignored you it vas not zhe point" Ludwig said

"It's fine...I'm used to it" You said playing with what was left on your plate with your fork.

"Since you wirr be staying here for a whire we wanted to know if you want to contact your parents, to make sure that you are okay" Kiku said. At first you were pissed of at his question. But when you thought about it he was actually asking which means you didn't have to.

"I rather not..if it is okay with you" You said, Kiku nodded understanding you weren't comfortable about it.

"(Name) if I may ask you something, is it true that your parents don't love you, they've never cared or supported you" Arthur asked

"No never...I used to live with my grandma..but when she passed away...all of this life was like hell until I met Alfred and Feliciano..they are like two angles sent from heaven" You said making Alfred and Feliciano blush but felt a little proud.

"I see, I'm terribly sorry of what happened and only hope that things can only get better now" He smiled

"Of course dude that's why we are, like, helping her" Alfred said

"I know and I will be help and support her too" Arthur said

"What?!" Alfred and Feliciano said in unison

"I can't let a poor lady only hang out with a bunch of gits" Arthur snorted

"I always help a friend in need, da" Ivan said who was all off sudden standing right behind you. You jumped a little when you felt his hands on your shoulders.

"Ai ya me too aru"

"I guess zhere is no use to convince you to go back to zhat place" Ludwig sighed

"Hai as rong as no one says anything I guess it's fine for you to stay, if you want to" Kiku said looking at you.

"Well..I do not want to go back..but I don't want to cause you any problems" You said

"Of course not bro stop saying stuff like that!"

"Ve I think you're thinking too much than you should, just leave it all for us, si?"


After that conversation you were all finished. But then the issue came to who you will be sharing room with. No one was free and for a weird reason, everyone that seemed to hate you since you came here was already taking a liking of you. Which lead to a huge argument of whose room you will be sleeping in. Well they sort of wanted you for themselves and "protect" You from the others.

Who will it be?

I hope you like it :)


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Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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Me: Ivan? *hides in corner*
2p!Me: *pulls me out of corner and shoves me towards Russia* She's all yours.
Me: Traitor.
Russia: You will become one with Mother Russia, da?
2p!Me: *takes my body over* How 'bout no. *whacks him in the face with his own metal pipe of pain*
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*seventeen rematches later*
Me: ...Well, Argentina is f**ked.
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WE BECOME ONE WITH MOTHER RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! Ps,would it be weird if a boy actually came up to me and asked me almost the exact same question........ I haven't spoke to him since....
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