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HetaliaxAdhd!Asperger!Reader Part 9

Artur and Francis was looking at your mum. You and your mum actually made eye contact. The only thought you had in your head was "RUN!" You slammed the door at her face while you sprinted out through the store.

"(Name) wait!" Both Francis and Arthur said and ran after you and your mother joined the race

You didn't know where you were going, only as far away as you could. You crossed the traffic almost being bumped into one of the cars. You then found yourself in a park but you continued running through it. You felt your vision getting dark and your legs weaker, how long will you have to carry on?

You eventually fell but was caught by someone

"N-no!" You screamed sobbing in his shoulder

"(Name) calm down it's me, Ludwig" the german said trying to calm you down. Francis, Arthur and you mum ran up to you two. Ludwig looked confused, glaring at Arthur and Francis.

"Who are you?" Ludwig asked the woman trying to hold you from trying to escape

"I am (Name)'s mother, I assume you're cooperating with the men who kidnapped her from the hospital"

"Wait just a minute, you can't accuse us for that" Arthur said

"Of course I can, I see that you know who she is and has been keeping her, now give me her or I'll call the police!" Your mother growled

"Wait madame, can't we just talk it through like adults? She is in no condition now to go anywhere than to our place and rest" Francis said determinded

And so it was decided, after meeting up Viola the group went to the men's building. Alfred and Feliciano frozed when they saw your mother again. Ludwig called them over to go to the meeting room with them while he took you to your room.

Once Ludwig came to the meeting room, closing the door and joined the table there was a huge fight. The five men argued on how bad your parents has been treated you, your mother just shrugged it off and said how they kidnapped you.

You were lying in your bed, dreaming about you were back in your room at the hospital. Keeping you away from the life. You moved around in your bed sweating like crazy.

"I don't wanna be here" You said

"(Name), you will never go back there" you hear a voice

"But I'm already here..." You said, you looked up and see a bird sitting right in front of you. It felt like you've seen it before. Taking a closer look at it it seems to be a nightingale.

"Maybe mentally but not physically" the bird said


"You're okay, your friends won't let you get back there" The nightingale said

"You're sure?"

"I'm not sure, I know now go back to sleep" The bird said

"Okay...Would you sing for me? Sing me away from here?" You asked, the bird nodded and sang for you. It was relaxing and your surrounding eventually changed.

You woke up to find eight men staring down at you. They sighed in relief, you have slept for many hours so it was about time for you to wake up.

"hey.." You said, Feliciano was the first to hover over you and hugged you tight

"Ve, you're really warm" Feliciano said

"Here" Francis said putting a cold wet towel over your forehead

"I'm not...where is?"

"Don't worry dude, you will never have to worry about those wankers anymore" Alfred said, Arthur looked at him surprised when Alfred called your family for "wankers" but just shrugged it off.

"It was like a totally third world war we were like, and they were like!" Alfred said you didn't really get what he said

"Arfred is saying that they gave up on trying to take you back and you're staying with us as long as you wish" Kiku said

"Really?" You asked and they all nodded "thank you"

"It's nothing dear, we all love you" Ivan smile making you blush

"It's hot here aru, I'll open the window" Yao said opening the windows letting in some air. But suddenly there was something flying through the window, it was a little bird. A nightingale to be exact.

"Ai ya!" Yao tried to catch it but the bird skillfully avoided flew away from him and landed in your lap.

"Impossible" You mumbled you clearly recognised it

"Dude it looks like you have got a new friend" Alfred smiled

"Chéri do you want to take your medicine now?" Francis asked, you nodded and he gave you the pill along with a glas of water for you to help you swallow it.

"Thanks" You said giving him the empty glas

"De rien" He said kissing the top of your head

"Okay frog that's enough!" Arthur said dragging him away from you

"Alright let's leave her alone she needs to rest" Ludwig said seeing that you were still tired

"We'll come back later to check up on you" Feliciano said

Now it was only you there, you petted the birds little head with your finger. You didn't know how it was in your dream nor that he would actually find you hear. But you guessed you will never get an answer on that.

You took the bird carefully in both of your hands and get off the bed. You walked to the window and opened it a bit more to make some space and released the bird. It flew across the street and sat in one of the nearest tress and started to sing. You went back to bed and fell alseep. For some reason it felt like your weird sickness was going to get better. Your disabilities will still be there and you knew you just have to be strong.

A week later it was time for the party with all the leaders from all over the world. Francis helped you pick something nice for you to wear. He really surprised you that he bought the dress that Viola tried on. He asked you to wear some make up but you declined.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. It wasn't much of a party, everyone was just more dressed up in expensive clothes. Holding a drink and just talked, but it was nice.

"(Name) over here, yo!" Alfred called you over, he was standing next to a boy who looked alomost like him. You have seen him before only that you never had a proper greeting.

"This is my Brother Matthew" Alfred said and you both shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you" Matthew whispered

"Yeah...same here" You smiled

"Matthew there you are" A man with tan skin said

"Hi Máximo (Cuba's human name)!" Alfred said but Máximo ignored him and focused on you and the canadian

"Hi (Name) I'm glad you're feeling better" Máximo smiled

"Thank you" You said, you didn't have much time to talk until someone else called you over to chat. You didn't talk much, you usually listened to the others.

You hanged out with Antonio, Lovino, Feliciano and Francis until music started to play.

"(Name) dance with me, si?" Antonio said taking your hand

"I-I'm..not sure" You stuttered, you sucked at dancing but you didn't want to be rude so you ended up dancing with him anyway.

"Git, you call that dancing?" Arthur showed up out of nowhere and brought you in his arms for a waltz.

"Angleterre you're doing it wrong" Francis said stealing you away and hold you a little closer.

"tsk you two will never grow up" Ludwig sighed dragging you away from Francis

"My turn to have some fun, da?" Ivan said taking you from Ludwig. But instead of dancing he made you something for you to eat.

This little party was a success. It felt to you like a celebration for a new beginning of your new life.

A little sudden ending but I didn't know what to do :/ But I hope you liked this series and thank you very much for reading it :D

I got major inspiration from this song called songbird… and no it's not the song you think it is! :XD: I would have imagined that the nightingale to look like this… :3

I do not own anything except the plot

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to the Hetalians!

Part 1…
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SchokiCookie Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
The end of a wounderfull sad story and the beginning of an awesome life :)
Stoneunicorn1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
mhm :)
LovelyKittenPie Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't mean to be rude but...

I misread the title...

I thought it said "Assburgers" not "Aspergers"
HETALIAN-DIAMOND111 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member
South park...?
Stoneunicorn1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
I just the people who has aspergers doesn't get offended o3o
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I DON'T have adhd, but I DO have aspergers.

And I don't find this offensive, I found this very encouraging.

Thanks... <3
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Sighs* I don't mean for it to be offending though ;^;
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It's not funny...
MyDepictionOfFiction Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry! I have it too, but I wasn't offended. I didn't mean to offend you, however.
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