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January 12, 2013
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Part 1

The year was 1588 and you were just an average teenage girl. Your name was (name) (surname) and was from (country name) but you lived now in Scotland. You lived together with your two friends Tom and May. They were a bit older than you but they took care of you and helped you. They were your best friends.

"Hey (name!) wake up!" Tom said.

"YAWN! what is it?" you asked.

"Don't you know what day it is!?" May said while walking to your bed. You rolled in your bed and said "no".

"IT'S THE ANNUAL FESTIVAL!!" Tom and May shouted in unison! Now you were clearly awake.

"OM MY GOD!!! how could I forget??" You said scolding yourself.

"HAHA come on get dressed so we won't miss it" May said happily! May and Tom went downstairs, while you started to get dressed.

You chosed your (f/c) shirt with (f/c) skirt you fixed your hair and went downstairs to get some brekfast. When you were done you three walked to the town. lots of things happend everywere you turned. There was acrobats, magicians, singing and dancing.
you three walked to a store where they sold plates, that you can hang on the wall. One of them caputred your eye it was a beautiful pirate ship.

Pirates the worst thing you knew, they are extremly dangerous. You haven't seen pirates in real life, but you have heard stories about them. That they raid towns and raped women. You felt goosebumps in your arms about the thought.

"Do you like it?" Tom said to you. You quickly shook you head and went back to the reality.

"Um.. it's a beautiful ship indeed" you answered.

"Do you want it?" Tom asked.

"No" you said and grab both of your friends wrists and continue.

Time skip with teleported naked guy!

You and your friends laughed your ass of at a clown who did funny things with his monkey, when suddenly you heard someone scream "PIRATES!". You saw a lot of people run to your direction. The curiosity took the best of you and you run to the harbour.
"(NAME)!" May said.

"Don't worry I will just take a quick look" you responded.

"NO!! that's dangerous" Tom shouted and run to you. He grab your wrist and you stopped.

You stared towards the direction you wanted to go to, then you saw him. A pirate with blonde messy hair, a blood red coat with a hat and a huge white feather on top of it. He saw you with his beautiful emerald eyes staring into your (e/c) ones. He started to shout orders at his crew members and run towards you. You, May and Tom Ran through the crowd. But it was too much people before you knew it you lost your friends in the crowd.
"TOM, MAY!! you shouted in panic but you couldn't hear any respond because of all the screaming.

You saw a small alley. Maybe if you ran through it to the other side, it will be much easier to find your friends. You pushed yourself through the crowd and finally you were in it. And not noticing the pirate who was slightly behind you.

You then felt a rough grab on your right arm being twisted painfully behind your back. "AHHHH!!" you scream and felt another arm on your mouth.

"Hello Love" said a voice that sent shivers down your spine.

You tried to get away but he was too strong. He pinned you against the wall to get a better look at you. He breathed down your neck and you saw a smirk appearing in his face. You had to admit it he was quiet handsome but you ignored it and tried to get away. The pirate leand in closer to you and used his thumb to rub cirkles on you cheek.
"Very beautiful" he purred

And then he licked your cheek slowly, You looked away and start scream "HEEELLLP MEE!".

"Shh" he said and put a hand over you mouth Then you heard

"I know that I heard a scream from that way" you heard May said. The pirate twisted your right arm back again and the other around you stomach and walked away to the opposite direction. You tried to scream and protest. "WHAT THE HELL! is happening to me?" you thought.

"Come on love your comming with me" he whispers in your ear and bite it gently.

You gasped and continue to struggle. He walked with you to his crew members.

"Oy! captain what have you got there?" said one of them.

"A beautiful girl" he responed proudly.

"Are we taking the lassie with us?" said another one.

"Of course" the captaing responded.

"Can I have her?" said another.

"No she's MINE" he said and pressed you harder against him with his arms around you.

"If you ever lay a finger on her I will let you be the sharks next meal" he said coldly. The crew nodded in disapointment.
He let the tallest man take you and throw you over his shoulder.
"LET ME GO!" you scream angrily.

"My my  your so fiesty love" the captain said grabbing you head and peack you on your lips.

You bitch slaped him back. He just laughed amused and said "we have got what we needed, let's head back to the ship" he orderd.

"No PLEASE NO" you begged. But he ignored you and continue to walk. Then you saw your friends just a few meters away. You felt some hope in you, they are going to save you you thought happily.

"TOM, MAY HELP!!" you scream. The pirates stopped and turned around at your friends. Your friends looked terrified! They stopped as well and looked at the pirates with fear.

" (name).. go" you heard Tom said in a weak voice.

"I'm afraid that is the last thing I will do, you see I quite fancey her you see?" the captain responded.

You just glared at him then to your friends. You saw your friends talk to each other but you couldn't hear what they said. Then they turned around and walked away. You felt tears burn in your eyes but you told yourself to not cry.

"What a lovely friends you got there" the captain said sarcatically. But you won't give up so easily! You kept on struggling, kicking and screaming but no one came to your rescue until you felt a pain back in your head and everything went black...

This is my first fanfiction so please be nice and I hope you like it! ^^ :iconenglandrapefaceplz:
Hmm... I wonder what plans he has for the poor readers!

:iconpirateiggyplz: "Hello Love"

Part 2: [link]
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Me: *punches May in the face and gives Tom a nut shot* I DID NOT JUST SEE YOU GUYS LEAVE ME TO A D**K LIKE ARTHUR!!
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