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January 13, 2013
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Pirate!EnglandXreader Part 3

You woke up in a unfamiliar room. "WTF this isn't my room!". Then you remember last night and felt your face getting hot. Then you noticed strong arms wrapped around you by a drop dead sexy pirate!. You were both still half naked.
You tried to get away from his arms off you but instead you felt his grip got tighter.

"No you are mine your not going anywere" he said quiet. It was kind of cute though "NO! don't think like that, he kidnapped and raped you" you scolded yourself. By now Arthur twisted you and kissed you deeply. You tried once again to get away but it was no use.
"Good Morning love" He said against your lips. He finally let you go and started to get dressed, you did the same and found your clothes on the floor. You saw that Arthur wasn't finished yet so you took a look around his office. You noticed a map of the world on his desk. You stand up and walk towards the table. You've never seen a world map before! So this was how the world looks like? So big!.
"Do you like my maps love?" your thoughts were interuppted by his question.

"Mhm I have never seen a world map before" you answerd.

"really?" he said" you nodded back.

"You see thoose places that are redmarked? Those are the places I've been to so far" He said proudly. Your eyes wided He have seen almost the whole world!

"Love where are you from?" he saked.

"what" You responded.

"When I heard your name, I knew that you couldn't be a native scot" Arthur said.

"I was born in (country)" You said quietly. You really didn't want to share your past with him.

"Ahh that explains your beauty" He said. You tried to hide a small blush by the comment.

"Do you want me to show you where it is on the map?" he asked. You slowly nodded. He pointed out the country. So that's so long that You had travelld when you immigrated to Scotland you thought.

"Come on Love let's get some breakfest" He said and took your hand.
The ship was very rocky you took support by the wall. And then you fell but before you hit the ground Arthur caught you by your waist.

"Don't worry Love you'il get your sea legs soon" He said.

"I think I will be home before that time comes" you said.

"What was that love I didn' hear you" he said while nuzzling his head in your hair.

"Nothing" you quickly responded.

"come now" Arthur said while giggling.

You two came to the kitchen were you saw a big table with some crew members already eating. "Morning captain" They all said.

"Morning lads" He responded and dragged you to the cook.

"Morning Captain" He said happily He then looked at you.

"oh! you must be (name) right?" he asked, while giving you your breakfast and then shook your hand.

"I'm Rick Nice to meet ye" He said. You gave a small smile and then went to the table and sat beside Arthur.

"Hello Lassie" said a thick scottish accent, You looked up. He has the same emerald eyes as Arthur but red hair.

"I'm Allistor, Arthurs brother" he said and extending his hand. You took it and shake it

"(Name)" You said. "How could they be related?" you thougt to yourself. Arthur mutterd something under his breath with irritation. When you two were done Arthur took you up to the upper deck.

You were stunned by the big sea! it was so big! It was nice to get some air. You had to admit it was quiet nice. Arthur let you go and started to shout orders to the others. One thing that came up in your mind was to escape but how? You knew that you don't have the strength enough to swim back to Scotland. You have to find something else. You found an empty barrel You could use it as a boat! Then You don't have to take one of their lifeboats. "Hehe I'm so clever" You thought to yourself.
You found one empty barrel and threw it carefully overboard. When You were about to jump in the water as well, you felt arms wrapped around you and pull you back. "great" you thought.

"now now Love don't try to escape, now I have to punish you" he said. He gave you a bucket with water and a mop. You had to swab the deck. You cursed under your breath while you did your punishment.

It was getting very warm by now and you weren't used to it. You couldn't take it anymore you can't let people boss you around. You kicked the bucket and all the water ran out on the floor. "Why did you do that Love?" Arthur said.

"Stop bossing me around like a dog" you said angrily.

"I'm your captain you do what I say!" he said with irritating.

"I will never let you boss me around" you said back.

Arthur then took your arm and walked down the deck and pinned you against the wall. He kissed you, and tried to push him off you but he hold your arms in a firm grip. You then gasped when you felt something cold against your temple it was a gun!.

"If you don't do what I say I will have to kill you" he said in a cold voice. But to your surprise you weren't scared instead you said "Go ahead you've alredy ruin my life" and looked into Arthurs eyes.

Arthur was caught off guard. Never has anyone stick to one's guns when he threaten to kill someone or giving orders. And that you rather wanted to die than stay with him.
Well he didn't really plan to kill you he hoped that you would give in. He slowly remove the gun and then tossed you over his shoulder.

"What the hell! put me down" you said. But He didn't listen. He walked in a cold room full off cells, he threw you in one of them locked it and walked away without saying a word.
You started to cry and sobbing, you just wanted to go home. But then you qustion yourself. Did you really wanted to go home? you thought about yesterday when your friends didn't help you. Do you really wanted to see them again? No how could you forgive them for what they did. But either way Scotland was your home more then this ship. You sobbed and when you calmed down you start singing your favourite song to make you feel better.

A few hours later Arthur entred the room. He saw you lean against the bars on the floor. He walked up to you

"So do you want to come up again?" He asked. You didn't answer him, instead you glared at him.
"Fine! stay here the whole night" he said with his angry tone and went back.

TIMESKIP with Flying mint bunny!

You woke up by a door open and someone walked towards you. It was Allistor he hold a plate with some food.
"The captain thought you might be hungry" he said and slid the plat through the bars.

"I'm not hungry" you said and slid it back.

"come on Lassie you'll get sick if you don't eat" Allistor said. He sat across from you with only bars between you two.
"(name) listen to me" He said. You looked up so our eyes met.

"did you wonder why captain didn't kill you?" he asked.

"No"  you respond

"because he care much about you" Allistor said.

"He doesn't even know me" you protest.

"But obviously enough to love you" Allistor said.

"and you know what? you're the only girl he didn't kill" Allistor said.

"What? but what have happend to the other girls he has kidnaped and raped?" you asked.

"Well most of them went along to go with him and when he had his "fun", with them, he often killed them or sell them to other pirates" Allistor explained

"You know lassie you should be more nice to him" he said.

"Why?" you asked.

"He is pretty lonely he doesn't have any friends, sure he has me and the crew who is working here but still he can't be too loyal to us He was also was picked on when he was a child. And I was one of them who picked on him, Ever since then we don't have the best relation". He knows what he has done to you and knows that you wont forgive him, for that, But for us others here it is the first time he is actually nice to us" Allistor explained and starts standing up.

"So you want me to be more nice to him, because of all that?" you asked.

"No I am just telling you that you should give him a chance" Allistor said and walked away.

You didn't know what to do, so what he was picked on you didn't have a good childhood either. Though if he really was sorry for what he did maybe you should be more nice.

It was getting really cold in the cell now. You ate the food anyway and collect all the hay as much as you could and tried to slepp.

One hour or so later you hear footsteps. You got scared and pretend that you were asleep it was Arthur. You felt his arms picked you up and walked to his office. He put you down in the warm bed. You were very thankful for that but you still pretended to be aslepp. Arthur lie beside you and wrapped his arms around you. Arthur Pulled you into his chest and kissed your cheek and said "I'm sorry Love" he said with his calm and gentle voice.

Finally part 3 is done! :iconimfabulousplz: Poor iggy is :iconforeveraloneplz: I know how it feels :(

Part 4 [link]
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But my first name is an old Irish name and my last name is a famous scottish clan… guess I'll just use my grandmother's maiden name then, Sicilia (Si-chi-lee-a), it means Sicilian in Italian :) In-fact my great grandparents were born in Italy.  =P (Razz) 
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‘ "I was born in (country)" You said quietly. You really didn't want to share your past with him. 

"Ahh that explains your beauty" He said. You tried to hide a small blush by the comment. ’ He just said that Denmark was beautiful. //laugh

Such a cute chapter
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