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Pirate!Englandxreader Part 13

Iggys pov
I woke up next morning with (Name) lieing on my chest. I couldn't help but smile she looks so cute and beautiful. I was so happy to have her back and that she will be my wife. I pulled her up a little closer to my face, to kiss her cheek. She murmured something in her language that I couldn't understand. I laughed quiet to myself but now I felt her moving and open her eyes.

back to Readers pov

You woke up by a giggeling you looked up to find Arthur looking at you.
"What's so funny?" you said with a playfull tone.

"Oh nothing love" Arthur said and kissed your lips.
Arthur then pinned you under him and giving you butterfly kisses all over your neck and face. You couldn't stop laughing you were so ticklish. He bite your neck and you moaned loud till it starts bleeding and he licked it off and suck the mark. He kissed up your neck and found your lips and kissed them until you two heard a knock on the door.

"Captain we need you on the deck" said one of the crewmembers.

"Bloody hell" Arthur cursed and got off you to get dressed you did the same.

"Meet me on the upper deck when you are done with breakfast love" he said and walked up.
You walked to the kitchen and found Allistor eating his food. You took some fruits and water and sat beside him.

"Good morning" you said happily.

"Morning lassie" He said with a smile you both ctach up about what happend when you were gone. Allistor said that nothing special really happen only that they stayed in a town to buy your ring, and that Arthur have been very angry ever since you got kidnapped. And you told him about what happen to you when you were at the BTT. Allistor frown and you two continue to eat up and then walked to the upper deck.

You walked around to see if someone needed help. But no one seemd to need it, so you leaned at the railing and watch the sea. Arthur came up to you and lean on the railing beside you and said
"When do you want to have the wedding?". You blushed at the question knowing that you are going to be his wife.

"As soon as possible" you said with a smile.
Arthur smiled, he hug me and said "That's good I want to have it soon too, I was thinking that we should have our wedding in London does it sound good?".

"It sounds great!" you said and kissed him on the cheek.

"Captin help me with this" A crewmember shouted and struggle with some ropes.

"I come back soon" Arthur said and left you.

You turned back at the sea and saw something in the distance. It was a ship, wait a minute doesn't it looks like it's coming closer to you? Yes it is! you turned around and walked to Arthur.
He saw your worried and asked "What's wrong love?".
You didn't know what to say you pointed at the ship. Arthur look where you were pointing and frown. He pulled out his binocular to take a better look at the ship. He growled "Carrierdo" He mutterd.
"Men prepare for fight!" He orderd and took your hand.
He lead you to his cabin. You didn't know what to say, was Antonio after you? Will Arthur and all the others sacrifice their lives because of you? You can't let them do that!
Arthur hugged you tight and said "Stay here and you will be safe".
"Let me fight with you! I can't let you all get hurt because of me!" you said.

"No you have no experience with these things, it's too dangerous!" Arthur said.

"But I don't want you to die because of me! It's me he wants!" you said with tears.

"Love it's not only you, it's about me and him we have been rivals for years" Arthur said and kissed your forehead.

"Please be careful" you said he hugged you one last time and walked up on deck.

"How long will they fight?!" You thought desperate, you sat on Arthurs bed and bite your nails.
Then the door burst open and there stood noone less then Antonio you weren't even surprised.
"Hola mi amor, so this is where you've been" He said and walked towards you.
You shake with fear what do I do now?! But you glared at him.

"Please mi amor don't give me that face" He said and stand right infront of you.

"Come with me si?" He said with a smile and extended his hand.
You are not that stupid you said "No" determinded.

"I have enough of this! You are coming with me wether you like it or not" He said and was about to grab your arm.

You quickly slided down the bed and between his legs, and run away. You didn't want to run to the upper deck Arthur and the others are probably buisy and you didn't want to cause any more trouble. So you thought it is better to try to hide. You ran down to the kitchen and heard Antonio call for you. You were really scared now! You came to the kitchen and try to find a place to hide. You hear Antonio getting closer so you quickly hide inside of a closet.

"Chica come out now, I promise to be nice" Antonio said.
Yours breaths is getting heavier and you coverd it with your hands over it. Then you hear the kitchen door close. Did he gave up? Or is he looking somewhere else? You slowly open the closet door to get a peek. You didn't see him so you opend it a little more.
You walked out but then you hear a snickering and turned around. Antonio stood beside a counter that stood beside the closet that you were hiding in. He walked slowly towards you and you backed away

"Come back to me, I will treat you better then Arthur does" He said.
You are really angry now

"I will never go with you!" you said and started to run away. But then BANG! You screamed in pain and fell on the floor.
Your right leg was shot and it started to bleed a lot, You were crying in pain it hurts so much. Antonio climbed on top of You and said
"I'm sorry mi amor but you didn't gave me any choice"

He pulled out ropes and tied it around you and picked you up in bridal style. your leg hurt so bad when you tried to move you gave up. You keep cry and Antonio kissed your cheek and said

"I'm so sorry I will cure it when we get back home si" Antonio said

"No" you said quiet, now you will never marry Arthur, you will never have children, you will never have a family that you love.

"Please let me go" you said in a weak voice.

"Mi amor you will have it much better with me" Antonio said and walked up with you on the upper deck.
You see everyone still fight but then you saw Arthur fight with someone of Antonios crew. He easily defeated him but then he saw you in Antonios arms.

"No! (Name)!" Arthur said running up to you. He stopped a few meters away

"What the bloody hell have you done to her!" Arthur said and look at your leg half of it was coverd in blood.

"She was just a little hard to get, that's all" Antonio said. Arthur pulled out a gun and pointed it at Antonio.

"Ah ah! you maybe miss me and hit her" Antonio said mockingly and backed away. You tried to wiggle out of his grip but stopped at the pain in your leg.

"Calm down mi amor" Antonio said and kissed your forehead.

"Get away from me!" you said.

"Don't even dare to touch her, let her go!" Arthur said with still a gun in his hand.

"No I take her with me now adios!" Antonio said and walked towards his ship.

"NO!" you scream Arthur didn't know what to do but he ran after Antonio and tackled him down.

Antonio let go of you and you landed with your hurt leg and screamed in pain. You tried to wiggle away from the ropes but there's no use they were too tight. You watched Arthur and Antonio wrestling eachother. You saw a knife a few meters away, you crawled carefully towards it.

"Yes!" I said to yourself and cut the ropes.
You didn't want anyone else to see your power so you have to wait until they get away. You threw the knife to Arthur, he took it and pressed it at Antonios throat.

"Don't ever hurt (Name) again! Or even just look at her ever again!" He said with anger he stab lightly Antonios throat.
Antonio screamed in pain and called his crew retreat and everyone ran to their ship.

I know I'm too nice I didn't want iggy to kill Antonio :/

Part 14 [link]
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KirbysEpicFan Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Student Writer
arthur if you want this to end, you. haVE. TO. KILL. HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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aww...poor Toni...wait what am i sayin? GO ARTHUR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
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Me:*points to Spain's ship* Go.Now.
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ME: No Get Back here you
Arthur: *holds me back* Now Love Just let him go.
Me: but he did bad things to meeee.
Arthur: Don't worry I'll take care of him later. Right now lets go get married.
Me: Yeeeeaaaaahh.
hetalialover17 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck yeah i love
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Yuki2011-chan Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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