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January 14, 2013
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Pirate!Englandxreader Part 5

It's been one week now ever since you got on the ship. The crew is like a family to you especially the cook he's like your dad. Allistor is like a brother and your love for Arthur is just growing stronger. You lean against the railing, smell the saltwater and the wind playing with your hair. "This is the life" you thought to yourself.
"Captain we are soon reach the port now" said one of the crew members.
"Excellent preapare to dock her (the ship)" said Arthur.
"aye captain". You walked to Arthur and saw him smile to you making you blush. "Where exacly are we?" you asked.
"we are in (country you've never been to)" he said.
"ok" you said.

TIMESKIP with Unicorns!!! (me: Fuck yeah! 8D)

You finally docked, you were so happy to finally walk on the ground. The village was amazing! It was alot bigger then the one you used to live in. You walked with Arthur and Allistor and the rest of the crew went seperate ways. There was so many markets, they sold everything from animals to jewellery. The jewellery was very beautiful with lots of rubins and emeralds formed in a necklaces. Then you saw a wanted poster hanging on a wall. You stopped so you could get a better look at it. It was a man with probably dark messy hair, almost like Arthurs. You couldn't see the eye colour. (The picture is black-white)
It said: Antonio Ferrnandez Carrierdo Reward... you couldn't tell how much the reward was the zeros never ended. Then you felt a tap on your shoulder and saw Arthur.
"Ah Captian Carrierdo nice picture of him" He said sarcastically.
"You know him?" you asked.
"of course I do he's my biggest rival on the seas" Arthur explained.
"I hope you will never meet him he's a wobbish twit let's continue shall we?" he said and took your hand and lead you away.

You went to a store where you can buy clothes. You really needed it because your old ones are getting quiet dirty. Arthur bought you some new shirts and trousers instead of skirts. You tried them on before you bought it. The girl who worked there helped you to put it on Even though you told her you could do it yourself. Then of course Arthur and Allistor had to take a look. "(Name) you look fantastic" they both said, you blushed. "Em...thank you" you said a bit modest. When you got out you went to buy supplies that you needed. You find a market where they sold alot of fruits. Arthur and Allistor starts bickering.

You sighed.
"hm?" you said.
"I think I heard something, no it was probably my imagination" you said to yourself. "Pssst".
"I swear I heard it again" you said you turned around to look where the sound came from. "Pssst"
It came from your right. You walked to the sound and looked down to see a very old lady. She was very small, with a hunchback and a grey cloak over her so you couldn't examinate her face. You bent down infront of her and said
"Hello were you calling for me?".
"Hello little girl I see the bright aura around you" she said with a very weak voice.
"Hm? I'm sorry I don't understand" you said.
"You have a very bright auora around you, something that I have never seen before". "Here take this and hide it! Don't let anyone see it". "You are the only one who can find it". She gave you an old rolled brown paper in your hands. You look at her with a confused expression. Then she was about to leave.
"W-wait I don't understand" you said quiet desperate. She looked at you and said
"Find the treasure" and with that she disapeared in the crowd of people. You hold the rolled paper tight and walked back to Arthur and Allisor.

You saw them still fighting and then they saw you and walked towards you.
"Oh! Love I was so worried" Arthur said, kissed your lips and gave you a tight hug.
"Ey Lassie don't go away like that" Allistor said. Arthur then released you and looked down at the paper you still had in your hands.
"Love what have you got there?" Arthur asked and took the paper and rolled it up. He's eyes wided.
"W-where did you get this?" He asked you. You explaind to them about what happend and finally said "And that's how I got it".
They looked at you with an amazed look on their faces.
"I don't understand is this map imported or something" you said.
"Em..Lassie this map leads to a very famous treasure, no one has ever found it because the map has been lost for many years" Allistor said.
"So how does it looks like?" you asked.
"That's the big question Lassie no one knows what it is". "usually treasures are gold and pearls but this is different" Allistor explained.
"And now you have the map to it, it has to mean something" Arthur said.
"What did the person who gave it said to you? Did you catch up her name?" Arthur asked.
"She said something about that I have a bright aura and that I have to find the treasure". "And no I didn't catch up her name" you said.
"Hm..Do you think it has something to do with yer powers" Allistor asked.
"Maybe I don't know" I said.
"Well then the best thing to do is to find the treassure" Arthur said.
"R-r-really are you sure? It can be dangerous" You said.
"Don't worry Love I will be there and besides if this map has something to do with you I don't think it can be dangerous" Arthur said and put an arm around your shoulders.
"I agree with captian, let's find the treasure before anybody else get the hold of this map" Allistor said.
"Let's buy more supplies and then head back to the ship" Arthur said and starts walking.
"Ok but promise not to fight about which food we are going to buy" you said giggling and walked to Arthur and hold his hand.
"Hey it's my git brother who don't agree to my suggestions about which food we should buy" Arthur said annoyed.
"I heard that" said Allistor catching up with you two. You giggled "Let's just buy food both of you wants" you said happily. They both agree and you smiled.

We continue to walk without noticing a pirate who overheard your entire conversation. With an evil smirk on his face he said "So that bastard Kirkland has a beautiful girl and a map to a secret treassure". "I better make a plan on how to get both of them" He said to himself. And with that he dissapeard in the shadows.

So I managed to write Part 5 after all!! :iconyeahplz: :iconimfabulousplz: I spoil you fangirls too much XD. I'm quiet disapointed on how it went though, well I hope you like it!! Anyways this is turning to be a little fantasy 8D. Hope it's ok.
Hm.. I wonder who that mysterious pirate was? I guess we will find out on the next part (snickerin) :icontrollfaceplz:

Part 6 [link]
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